Thing(s) I Regret Buying!!! – Amanda Suarez Wallet.

Hi Beauties,

I have been receiving a lot of views for this one blog post “Just Bought” – Wallet Designed By Amanda Suarez . So I have decided to give you guys a total insight on this beautiful looking wallet which totally deceived me on arrival.

Unsure Reasons:

*Was Stored In A Hot Room That The Glue Melted Down Or
*Was Not Given Any Care Or
*The Desert Heat Just Killed My Wallet.


Fell for the quilted design and patent faux leather (My bad). A perfect example for “Seeing Is Deceiving” .

Here Starts The Disappointment.


The button broke sooo sooo soon.(3 months of use).


It has started to tear and peel. On arrival few areas were a little peeled (guess it is because of the heat in the warehouse).


Melted glue.How horrible can it be?!?! *heart broken*

Overall Not Worth The Buy!!!!!!!!

Hope This Helped.




  1. JZ says

    I bought the same wallet on board emirates in October 2012 from Dubai – South Africa and within a day, the wallet fell apart as well! As per the post above , it fell apart in exactly the same manner – $40 wasted!!!! Definitely not worth it!!!!

  2. josie says

    my friend bought the same wallet for me by
    emirates dubai to germany, it fell apart the fist time i use it, just like exactly the picture above… very disappointing!

  3. Pranalika says

    My sister got me this wallet and my closure broke within 2 month. I thought that it was because I have stuffed it with cards on both sides. The coin section started detaching but mine is not glued. I really like the red color and pattern but wish it was made well.

  4. CH says

    Thanks for the review. Oh dear, the website in billing it as leather and not faux leather is not just misleading, but misrepresenting.

    • mspinkamor says

      Hi Matilde de Paula,

      Yup! You Are Right, They Should Be Selling Good Quality Products Online & In-Flight Duty Free. I Bought The Swarovski Woven Heart Pendant Through Emirates High Street And I Haven’t Regretted The Buy So Far. I Guess The Wallet Is Defective.

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